Hair Education

Hair Styling Masterclasses

There’s nothing like a new hairstyle for a quick and easy change to your overall look. During our sessions you will learn from an industry professional with extensive knowledge of current hair trends and fashion perspectives as well as a vast understanding of historical and period styling and techniques. You will have the opportunity to experiment with different looks and techniques to discover something new. Whether you’re looking to master intricate braiding, blow drying techniques or simply improve your everyday styling skills we have a workshop to suit you. Why not choose from the menu below or even contact us to tailor make a session with specific content to meet your individual needs. Whatever you woe we can guide you step by step so that you can recreate that salon finish at home, answering any hair styling dilemmas you may have.

Blow dry and styling


During this session you will learn how to blow dry your hair so that it always looks its best, we will shampoo and condition your hair, discuss useful products and tools and show you step by step how to get the best blow dry results, whether you want silky straight, volume and bounce or texture and waves. You will leave with a fresh outlook on hair styling, confident that you can recreate your desired look at home.

Heated Hair Styling

It’s time to have a good hair day, every day!
Learn and master the industry tricks and tips to gorgeous curly hair direct from a professional.

Heated Rollers


Get roller ready! During this session you will learn how to roller set your hair like a pro to achieve a smooth frizz free style. We will discuss directional winding and brickwork methods along with essential products and you will learn how these effect the movement, body and volume of the curl.



From big to small you can have whatever curls you want depending on the curling iron size. A curling iron can be used to creat tight formal curls, big bold waves, thin spirals or thick tube curls.
Learn the correct method of styling with a curling iron to avoid limp sections and crimps in the curls two most common mistakes.



Learn to control a heated wand and you will be able to create a vast variety of curl effects from tight spirals to beach waves. We will help you master a variety of techniques that will give you the freedom to create beautiful curls quickly everyday.



One tool, two completely different looks. Learn from a pro how to create perfect curls with the classic GHD styler. Master this techniques and your curls will never fail you again.

Heated Rollers & Tong Combo


Straighteners & Wand Combo


Master Class


Learn all four heated curling techniques in one workshop

During all heated styling classes you will also learn how to dress the look in a variety of different styles from voluptuous volume, classic curls, tousled tresses to runway waves. The possibilities are endless when you understand all techniques.

*models recommended.

Heated Straightening


Learn the skills to get silky smooth hair with a flat iron, from poker straight to a natural bevel.

Hair Up Taster Lesson


Experience a one to one tutorial in basic hair styling techniques. The possibilities are endless when you understand the fundamentals of hair preparation. This session includes the correct use of products and tools. Appropriate ways of adding volume with back combing safely and efficiently, how to correctly secure a style with pins, freeing you from the over dependence of hairpins . Chose one method of heated styling from the menu to master and dress. Complete basic braiding including French, Dutch and fishtail and learn the how to up style the timeless bun.

Hair Extension Add On

FROM £10.00

Learn how to incorporate clip in hair extensions and padding to achieve fuller gravity defying results.

Advanced techniques for all occasions

FROM £80.00

This session is ideal for anyone who has completed the basic hair up taster lesson or someone with previous hair care knowledge who is looking to further their skills. This advanced course will be held by an industry professional with extensive knowledge of current high fashion trends to vintage and period styling. This course covers everything that you need to know to achieve advanced up hair styles. You will have the opportunity to experiment with a range of products and discover and learn how to incorporate accessories, padding and extensions to create fuller, bigger and more intricate looks.

Modern Retro & Vintage Styling

FROM £80.00

Learn how to set your hair either with heated rollers, heated rods, curling irons or even a wet set under a hood dryer. We will discuss directional winding and brickwork methods along with essential products and you will learn how these effect the movement, body and volume of the curl. We will then go through setting into vintage waves or rolling and securing into victory rolls step by step until you are happy to recreate the style without professional assistance.

Train to Braid

FROM £50.00

This course gives a general introduction to braiding, strand by strand an industry professional will teach you how to control and maintain braiding techniques, no prior knowledge is required as we start right from the beginning with a simple three strand braid, developing on to French, Dutch, fishtail, 4 strand braid and the bow braid. You will learn how to complete a full head braid design from start to finish. This session includes hair preparation, sectioning and control.

Braiding Masterclass

FROM £70.00

For the braiding enthusiast who is ready to move their plaiting onto the next level, this session is a specialist tuition that covers complex and contemporary design skills including weaving, twisting and locking techniques. Creating exquisite and intricate braids such as Crown Braids, Donut Bun Braids, four strand belt buckles, S-Braids, pull back ladder braids, cage braids.