Here's what you need to know...

Carrie has worked in an industry of Super Models, Hollywood Actresses, negative body images and insecurities, seeing first hand the negative impact that the media can have on our minds and our bodies.

We aspire to be as thin as, tall as, as well groomed as the advertisements that we see. The models photographed aspire to be slimmer, taller and even more beautiful.

It is a sad reality that most of the images we set our body goals to are filled with such sadness, self doubt and vulnerability. With this is mind mother and daughter, Delphine and Carrie, launched Toto Caelo in 2015 striving to repair the damage that woman inflict on their minds and bodies. Their message ‘Self love and self confidence is for everybody and EVERY body!’

The Experience

Toto Caelo Studio offers a luxurious Boudoir Photography Experience for every age, body type, shape and size. We believe that no matter what chapter of life your body is in, it should be celebrated and embraced. Experience a day of luxury, self care and empowerment at Toto Caelo Studio and take away so much more .

• Learning to appreciate your body

• Understanding that numbers do not define you

• Recognising that you NEVER lose your sexy, no matter your age

• Exploring your beauty and your body

• Choosing to celebrate yourself

It’s okay to live a little, splurge a little and do something a little crazy every once in a while…

Women who invest in themselves go further!