Why Costumes?

Why Costumes?



Every little girl remembers the sheer delight of slipping her tiny feet into her mother’s high heeled shoes and trotting around the house and the added pleasure of finding some pearls and some bright coloured lipstick which she could smear across her little face. Every little girl remembers just how wonderful it was to pretend to be a Princess or their favourite character from a fairy tale, a book or a movie. Now close your eyes and remember those feelings. For that is the feeling our clients experience during one of our Styled Photoshoots.

Here at Toto Caelo, we believe that every girl should have the opportunity to dress up in a gorgeously impractical gown at least once in her adult life. Gorgeously impractical gowns with longs trains, full skirts, tight bodices, gown of tulle, of taffeta, of chiffon, adorned with gems and pearls and sequins.

I studied both Fashion and Costume at college many years ago, however, it was the realms of fantasy in design and the freedom of materials and construction that won my heart over, so Costume took precedence. Fashion creates images for the masses, fashion is about dressing according to trend, whereas costume opens the doors to a realm of creativity and self expression. Clothes make a statement, costumes tell a story.

Everyday life has restraints but our Styled Photoshoots let you decide the narrative and indeed your character within it. The only limitation is your imagination. In life one is often type cast by outside influences such as one’s profession, one’s social status, one’s epoch. But, costume allows one the freedom to break through these limitations of what is expected; there are no limitations in the world of costume. If you can imagine it, then it is so. One can embrace whatever the heart desires.

The idea behind costume is that it offers the wearer a distinct character, yet the images portrayed along with their own narrative and emotion, become individual and personal narratives to the viewer. Costume is a way to say who you are without having to utter a word.

If you can dream it, we can create it!

Delphine x