Why Boudoir Photography?

Why Boudoir Photography?

As a strong and independent female, I often get asked ‘why Boudoir Photography?’

It is a popular misconception that Boudoir photography is a form of degrading female objectification. I argue that this is most definitely not the case! Rather, that it is a celebration of and a commemoration to, the movement for equal rights for all.

If we look at Feminine oppression throughout history it has been to vilify female sexuality and nudity as part of that. Contributing to the idea that it is something sinful, shameful, something to be feared and hide away from. A woman owning her sexuality, without shame, is one of the biggest threats to a society which wants to oppress her. No female (or male) should be ashamed of their sexuality or their body and this is why Boudoir Photography is such a competent tool in empowering individuals.

It is said that the suffragist’s married radical ideas with conventional dress. They sought to effect change not by challenging contemporary fashion and the ideals of femininity but by conforming to them. Spin on to the 60s, when one of the most legendary feminist protests took place. Where hundreds of women took to protesting The Miss America pageant, demonstrating against the promotion of the ludicrous beauty standards that we are conditioned to take seriously. Feminists marched around the freedom trash can in which they tossed items they perceived as symbols of feminine oppression: high heels, makeup, girdles and bras. Now lets spin on to current day, yes we have many advances but one thing is for sure, we still have ludicrous beauty standards and ideals. With the ever advancing technical capabilities of the media these standards seem to get higher and higher and less achievable daily. So in answer to ‘Why Boudoir Photography?’ Because it seeks to challenge and empower, it rebels against what i believe to be the biggest oppression of all and that is being self expression.

The women that come to us are independent, intelligent, strong and capable women. Does posing for a boudoir photoshoot make them any less of those things? Of course not. When a woman poses for beautiful, sensual and alluring photographs of herself, it is a far cry from turning her into a sex object. An object is inanimate, it has no control over what is done to it. In stark contrast to this, when a woman chooses to be open and totally vulnerable in order to explore, celebrate and elevate her beauty and sensuality, she is in complete control.

Those partaking in a Boudoir Photoshoot receive far more benefits than anyone else who may simply just be viewing the photographs after. A boudoir photoshoot enables us the opportunity to embrace and love the skin we are in, in ways that perhaps everyday life does not allow. This in my opinion should never be frowned upon!