‘Why it’s simply impassible!’

Why it's Simply Impassible!

‘What an idea. A crazy, mad, wonderful idea…’ exciting and scary all at the same time.

I’ve been working and working on this launch, trying my best to make it perfect for you all, an impossible task but as I was sitting on the sofa one evening watching television, it hit me. ‘ It’s only impossible if you believe it is.’ I realised that there’s never going to be an ideal time to launch and so lets just do this.

‘Who are you?’ my name’s Carrie, I’m a 28 year old girl from London. An artist by trade and a dreamer by nature. I opened Toto Caelo in 2015, so I guess you can call that home. Toto Caelo is my little studio, a sanctuary from the fast pace and high intensity of modern living. Previously at Toto Caelo, we have offered individual tailor made services in both hair styling and makeup design from weddings, parties, workshops and much more. Three years on, we are excited to announce that we now offer in-house styled photoshoot experiences and not just that but also the launch of this new blog.

Every time I looked up ‘how to start a blog’ it would advise me to pick a niche, well I’m sorry everyone, because I just can’t do that! As a creative I’m all over the place. ‘I’m not crazy, my reality is just a little different than yours.’ Well okay, maybe I am a little crazy!

Despite the plethora of high intensity entertainment constantly at our disposal we often need a place to escape. Hopefully, this online journal documenting all that we get up to in an average week might just be that for you. So whether you are seeking refuge from modern life or are on the pursuit to reconnect with yourself. either way, hopefully, we’ll see you here again soon. If we do ‘I’m afraid you’re entirely bonkers but I’ll tell you a little secret. All the best people are!’